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Welcome to term 3 2023

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to all our CPS families! Even the rather cold and frosty weather we have been experiencing could not put a damper on how wonderful it was to see how happy the staff and children were to see one another. I have no doubt that for many of you, the first day back at school after a holiday is the best day ever – 3 weeks is a long time!

I would like to extend a warm welcome to the new families who have joined this term. May your journey at CPS be a long and happy one. I have been so impressed with how the children at CPS are so welcoming of new children joining, they really do make an effort to make them feel part of the school.

The Gift of good manners

This term we have introduced a new program, The Gift of Good Manners. The program is to encourage basic manners, etiquette and how to treat our friends and others with respect. Every 2 weeks a different aspect will be taught and discussed in class so that the children have a better understanding of how one should behave.

Teaching children good manners helps them to learn appropriate, polite and considerate behaviour. By practicing basic good manners, our children show those around them that they respect them and are considerate to their feelings.

It would be wonderful if you, the parents, could reinforce at home what we are doing in class. We will  keep you updated, via the weekly info WhatsApp, which aspect we are focusing on in class the following week and will have relevant material up on the wall in each class.


As we follow an integrated curriculum at CPS, which incorporates Montessori principles, we thought it would be helpful to provide you the parent with some insight and understanding of what we do in the classroom with regards to the Practical Life side of the Montessori aspect.

The teachers will include in their weekly info WhatsApp a short description, picture or video of a particular Montessori skill that is relevant to their age group. In this way you are able to engage with your child and ask them about the game they played during educational game time. It will also help you understand the methodology behind the Montessori game/equipment as well as the benefits for your child in terms of their development.

Our 2 big events this term are our Grandparent’s Day and our Dance Concert - both happening in September. Forewarning -  you will be hearing a lot of the same concert songs/poems and dance songs sung by your child REPEATEDLY over the next few days! CPS children take their concert preparation very seriously and I am so impressed by their (and the teachers) dance moves and rhythm, such naturals!

As always, we look forward to a fun filled and busy term with lots of wonderful learning opportunities.

Warmest regards,

Lara and the CPS Family

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