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Aftercare / 
Holiday Club

Available daily until 5pm

 Friday's 4pm close. 

Closed over the Christmas & New Years period.


Established 1984

Nurturing each child's thirst for knowledge. Giving your child the best possible start to life. 

What Parents Think

Like so many parents all across this wonderful country of ours, Tamsyn and I watched with a mixture of pride and anxiety as our little one stuffed her backpack, kissed us goodbye, and went to school every morning without so much as a backwards glance when we would drop her off.
From making new friends, tackling challenging new skills, developing new milestones, all while moving closer to becoming the strong, confident young lady and women we know she will be, someday. We would see her come home, bursting with excitement about something she’s learned or someone new she’s met.
We can’t help but think that some of the most influential people in her life won’t be the ones she socialises with on the playground or reads about in the pages of her favourite book. It will be the people who greeted her so warmly and lovingly at the front gate every morning (even when she would be reluctant to enter…); who changed her nappies with patience and compassion every day; and ultimately who stood up in front of her to teach her.
So from our side, simply THANK YOU.
Thank you for pushing her to believe in herself even when she may have doubted herself; thank you for sparking in her, what we hope and pray, is a lifelong curiosity and passion for learning; thank you for your boundless energy and endless patience; thank you for your vision and a sense of purpose; thank you for the creativity to help her see the world in a different way.
South Africa is a wonderful country filled with amazing people. We will miss this place and all of you more than anyone could know. We have our challenges, like anywhere in the world. Much work likes ahead, and at times, it won’t be easy. But I know, in the end, we will prevail, because we have outstanding leaders in our classrooms like all of you, who we can make a lasting difference in the lives of our young people and a lasting impact on the life of this nation.
Please stay in touch. We love and will miss you all.”

Lee-Roy and Tamsyn

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